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Kais Projects

KAIS has carried out a diverse range of projects – both in the geographical and engineering sense.  We are well known as a leader in our field throughout Western Australia, particularly in the remote areas of the Pilbara, and our range of services and expertise – and our commitment to customer focus - has led to KAIS being chosen to carry out work in a number of fields. 

KAIS can show you how to get a project on time and budget.  We have a team who are renowned for their expertise and equipment that performs.  KAIS recently completed Tailings Dam, Haul Roads and Settling ponds for Edna May Operations.

Our testimonials are our testimonts to prove we go that extra mile to get the job done.

Below is a representative cross-section of the many projects in which Kais Contractors have been involved – and for which we have supplied plant and equipment – over the past several years: 

2019-2020 - Koodaideri Rail and Earthworks, Western Turner Syncline, Northlink 3, BHP South flank, Lord st Extension, Eliwanna, Boddington Gold Mine, Fmg Solomon                           Mine

2018-2019 - BHP South Flank, MRIA, Northlink, Mineral Resources, boddington Gold Mine, Western Turner, 

2017-2018 - Edna May, FMG Solomon mine,Western Turner, Hanson Mining, North Coastal Hwy,

2016-2017 - North Coastal Highway, Miling Extension, Abydos, Iluka Resources, Kwinana Freeway



2013-2015: Nammuldi Projects: The project consists of earthworks for the processing plant, waste fine storage facility, mine service facilities, stockyard, an explosives compound, heavy vehicle haul roads, light vehicle roads, and a rail link with a train loading facility.


2013-2015: Roy Hill: The Roy Hill Mine Site Bulk Earthworks contract includes the construction of earthworks, drainage and associated road works for various facilities.


2013-Current: West Angeles Projects: The contract for Rio Tinto's West Angeles Access Road Project was to upgrade the existing road between Great Northern Highway and West Angeles mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia.


2013-2016: Gateway Perth Airport & Freight Access Project:  The contract included road and bridge improvements, local road modifications, facilities and connections for pedestrians and cyclists, noise walls, landscaping and the use of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Technology.


2013: Geraldton Port: Including the following projects: Port Entrance Road Reworks; Bridge Removal Three Springs - Perenjori Project; NBN Moonyoonooka MN-01 Civil Works.


2013-2014: Rio Tinto Cape Lambert Expansion Project for NRW-NYFL Joint Venture and Abigroup GLH Joint Venture: Supply of Plant & Labour to establish Car Dumpers and Stockyards as well as Rail Formation.


2012-2014: FMG Thomas Rail Marshalling Yard for NRW: Construction of Rail infrastructure.


2012-2014: RIO Tinto Hope Downs 4 for Leighton Ngarda Joint Venture: Works infrastructure for the new train load out area, building haul and access roads.


2012: FMG Solomon Spur for NRW: Railway line construction, building haul and access roads.


2012-2013: Terminal 2 - International Airport upgrade for Broad Construction: Upgrade to short term & long term parking areas.


2011: Dampier Port Upgrade, Karratha, for DTMT: Provision of Plant and operators.


2011: FMG – Port Anderson, for Abigroup and NRW:  Supply of  plant and operators for the upgrade to the port infrastructure.


2011: FMG Rail Upgrade, Christmas Creek to Port Hedland, for NRW.


2011: Southwest Road Construction – Labour hire to Fulton Hogan


2011-2013: RIO Tinto Western Turner Brockman for NRW: Provision of plant and labour for Bulk earthworks, building haul and access roads.


2010: Mandjoorgoordap Rd, for Southern Gateway Alliance: Now called Mandjoogoordap Drive, the roadway was opened on 7th October 2010, nearly three months ahead of schedule.


2009-11: BHP – Rapid Growth Project (RGP) No 4 & 5, for NRW Holdings Ltd: Rail expansions and mine/road infrastructure from Newman to Chichester Ranges.


2009-2011: BHP – RGP 5 for MacMahon-Leighton Joint Venture: Rail expansions and rehabilitation work from Port Hedland to Redmont.


2009-2010: DSL Operations:  Supplying wet hire of plant equipment and operators to Onslow Salt and Dampier Salt.


2009-2011: Perth Subdivisions and Miscellaneous Projects, for Marsh Civil Engineers, Georgiou Group, Alliance Contracting, Lyall Bay Pty Ltd and Brierty Ltd.


2009-2011: Rio Tinto expansions at Cape Lambert and Brockman, for NRW Holdings, MacMahons, DTMT, Gumala, Abigroup and Carr Civil:  Mining and rail infrastructure works.


2009-2010: Western Australian Government, Water Corp – Alkimos Water Treatment Plant, for MacMahon Holdings:  Kais Contractors were involved in this major infrastructure project in Perth’s northern suburbs, supplying plant and equipment to the site from the start to the completion of the project.


2008-2009: BHP – Newman Hub, for Thiess: Kais Contractors was chosen to supply the “final trimmers” (labour only) for the project.


2008-2011: FMG Cloudbreak  and Christmas Creek infrastructure, for NRW Holdings and Brierty: Infrastructure for the mining operations for Cloudbreak, Christmas Creek and the Nullagine Road.


2008-2010: Forrest Hwy (Perth to Bunbury Hwy Bypass) for Southern Gateway Alliance: The Forrest Hwy - Kwinana Freeway extension was a dynamic and challenging infrastructure project, involving the design and construction of 70.5 kilometres of dual carriageway from Safety Bay Road in Baldivis to Old Coast Road in Lake Clifton, Western Australia.


2008-2009: Miscellaneous Road works, Hedland, Karratha, for Brierty, BGC, Ertech, Ngarda, and Outlook Contracting: Various road projects and subdivision work in Hedland and Karratha.


2008-2011: Provision of Indigenous Labour for NRW, at various Rio Tinto & FMG sites


2006-2007: FMG Rail & Port development, Port Hedland to Cloudbreak, for BGC TPI Rail Alliance: Kais Contractors was the first Plant Equipment Hire company to clear the site to begin this enormous project.  The project was then shared between NRW, BGC/TPI and Brierty.  Kais Contractors supplied over 50 mobile plant operators to man up the project to meet the completion date.  It was a very memorable day to see Andrew Forrest come through on his first train waving his flag.


2006: Tonkin Hwy Extension, for MacMahons JV: Supply of plant equipment and operators for the Tonkin Hwy extension.


2004-2011: Hancock Prospecting – Hope Downs 1-4 for NRW Holdings: Access Roads and Mine Infrastructure.


2004-2010: Pt Hedland Subdivisions, for Brierty Ltd and BGC Contracting: Civil infrastructure projects in the town site.


2004-2005: Roe Hwy Alliance, for MacMahon Holdings:  Supply of plant equipment and operators for the construction of the Roe Hwy.


2003-2004: Thiess – Geraldton Gateway Corridor for North coast Holdings.